hello, I’m maggy.

I thought it was about time I published a brief introduction to myself and my currently ‘nameless’ blog for two reasons:

1. I changed my URL (previously matrixunfulfilled) a little while ago without ever addressing it – now I will.

2. I have registered for the blogging 101 course and this is the very first assignment!

Since my articles are usually fuelled by intense emotions, I am envisioning this will be a bit of a challenge. To give you an indication of how bad I am at task-based writing:

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 2.17.03 pm

Every single article that has ‘draft’ next to its name was started with inklings of what, at the time, felt like a great idea. They will probably never be finished, simply because I felt too calm writing on those issues. Admittedly, I have developed a dysfunctional relationship with words (but isn’t that what journalling is all about?)

When I first started this blog, I published an introduction. (read it if you want to subject yourself to cringeworthy & self righteous past maggy)

A lot has changed since then, for instance, my brand label. (matrixunfulfilled to maggyliu)

It was about 2 months in when it dawned on me that what I originally thought was a great URL was strange and didn’t really add value to my work. Rather than spending hours upon hours trying to think up something that was ‘witty’ and ‘clever’ to replace it, I decided to settle for my name. Boring, yes, but safe and timeless. I managed to put my irrational fear aside that my words would trigger so much anger in a reader that they’d try to hunt me down after realising that

a. my current problem is getting people to know I exist

b. my feeble attempts at anonymity would not be sufficient protection in that highly improbable situation anyway

In some sense, it has helped me take credit for work that I’ve produced. Rather than living some double life, I am taking responsibility. Although I haven’t advertised my blog to many people in my personal life, I won’t deny it anymore.

One thing I said in the original introduction was:

I will let my blog find its footing (or not) largely on its own. I won’t go out of my way to promote, post on a strict schedule or in a format that is deemed easily digestible for the ‘internet generation’ just for the sake of gaining audience.

& that’s still somewhat true, but not entirely. The reason I chose to start a blog rather than putting all my thoughts into a journal is because I crave readers. I like to think my words have a purpose in the universe. I haven’t done the maths but I think throwing these articles out into the world gives me a better chance of hearing and answering back compared to my journal being analysed and deemed worthy of praise after my death.

What good is that to me then? Why act so haughty, and imply that I don’t care about the numbers, the statistics, when I clearly do? My heart jumps whenever I gain a new follower or when someone likes my post and that isn’t something to be ashamed of. I still stand by my morals – I won’t change who I am to be ‘popular’ but if I have the means to promote my blog in a way I’m comfortable with, then you can be damn sure I will.

I aspire to make a living out of words. I’m nowhere near there yet, but I’m taking baby steps and this is chapter 2.

Aside from the new URL and undertaking blogging 101, I may or may not be starting a youtube channel soon that I will somehow operate in tandem with this blog, so that’s exciting too. [I shall link it here once it exists]

have a great day, I look forward to this new adventure!

20 thoughts on “INTRODUCTION 2.0

  1. I really enjoyed this page and a couple of others I’ve already read!
    I hope you might like my blog and we can be friends 😉


  2. i really liked your post. its something i can really relate to . and you have such nice way of putting things into words 🙂


  3. I really liked your writing style. It is so crisp. All the best for blogging. I’m also participating in Blogging101. If you’ve time do check out my blog too.


  4. I like the new URL. I enjoyed your introduction, you speak truely and that will take you far. I, just told my hubby I was considering a YOU Tube channel too but, I wane back and forth. But, then again, why not right? I look forward to whay develops in your future. Followed!


    1. hahah yeah, the only thing that could potentially hold me back now is my own laziness and perfectionism.

      I would hate to produce something that’s low quality but I also know that’s inevitable with starting out.

      I guess I just have to take a big leap 🙂

      On top of that too I have to learn to use premier pro shudders (because my tech savvy friends tease me about using imovie but they’re helping me so they’re not completely horrible people)

      you should definintely start a youtube channel if you want to~


  5. (Tongue in cheek) Could I act as a friend and point out a mistake? Forwards in the last sentence.
    OK so I think I do the same thing as you with my mistakes. Am just darn too lazy to proofread my work and my friends aren’t so much into reading stuff so click! I just post.
    We all care about the stats however much we may pretend not to so yeah I too am dying for them.


  6. You captured me right off. Good start and it shows you just have to let flow and they will com . And I use utube a lot by attaching videos to my blog. Works great once you get the drill. R

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