To Alien

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 9.36.50 am I fell in love
first and foremost with an enigma
despite the turbulence of emotions
I have felt since you’ve entered my world
I still regard you as a series of question marks


except I no longer want to figure it out

I don’t remember a time
when you weren’t floating high above me
initially I admired the height of your ambitions
not realising your elevated pride and sense of
s u p e r i o r i t y
would never allow us to see eye-to-eye
I wondered if you had ever spared me a glance
and if you did could you tell me apart (?)
did you want to tell me apart (?)
from the others who stood beside me
with their faces turned up to the sky
hoping you’d notice us even for a second
you must have zapped them
with the same flashy lights and mixed signals
that I once thought you built for me
I had always tried to understand your language
yet you never bothered to learn mine
dealing with conflict by hiding
in the safety of impenetrable metallic walls
that I could never hope to enter
I was always left on the wrong side of the universe

If I had a chance
I’ll warn young girls who love
too much, too quickly, too easily
to run away
before an alien takes their heart
only to perform his cruel experiments
to see how much it can take before it breaks

we were always from different worlds, alien,
not meant to be together
I just hope one day I may meet a sweet boy
here on planet earth, 
for his heart bleeds
the same colours as mine

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