tok tic


“lets have maple syrup sex before bed
make sugar coated memories
and swallow to forget what you said
fill my bloodstream with endorphins
before I taste the bitterness of her tongue in your kiss
if only ignorance could fill my lungs
with artificial bliss.”


she killed a man with a psychedelic swirl of an ice cream lick
after he told her to swallow his –
quick bitch quick
years of dripping icicles into her mind,
finally –
brain freeze
– can’t think –
– can’t breathe –
she was taught that every action
has an equal
but opposite reaction
so she didn’t understand why
when she let him feel her pain
then again
and again
and again
to burn life into his frosted heart
he was so damn silent


the last thing she remembers
is waking up to the aftertaste of his spilt coca cola
drowning pills of every shade of emotion

so words could not bubble to the surface
she wanted everything to be flat

only leaving a numbing artificial sweetness behind
let simple thoughts fill her mind –
the grass is green
the ocean is blue
and the sky is bleeding red
the wind caresses her bones
moving her palpitating heart and trembling lips
to dance beyond the darkness of the night
the sun is rising yet she is no longer a creature
of the light

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