A Pair of Poems Without Pictures

i wonder if the charm of mismatched socks transfer to poetry?


i am a fish
circling his hook
with baited breath
and not enough regrets

AU – 79

i choose to be a walking cliche
because actions speak louder than words
and there is nothing wrong
with having a heart of gold
if you have the strength to stand up tall
despite, or perhaps, because of it.

9 thoughts on “A Pair of Poems Without Pictures

  1. I love your website. There are so many questions I have you, Maggy. Can I even call you that (I mean you no disrespect). How did you attach your picture. I just created a blog and I am kindergartner when it comes to IT. Can you give me some tips on how I could improve on mine? I would be very grateful should you consider my request.

    Besides, your poem is indeed wonderful.


    1. I thought I already responded, weird.

      Anyway, of course you can call me maggy!

      You can attach a picture by dragging it into the body of the post or setting it as a header image πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. hahah yay, thank you.

      if pictures in heads could be printed on paper without any artistic talent necessary I would 100% have pictures next to all my posts haha πŸ˜›


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