fo(u)r eyes in my life


to the doctor
who looked into my eyes
for the very first time
I wonder if I was
the 4th baby you delivered that night
and all you wanted
was to get this new stranger
out of your sight
or if you paused for a moment
and saw endless potential
in a blank-slate life?


to my mother
who hasn’t taken her eyes off me
for a moment since then –
please stop trying to
steer me away from
your predictions of catastrophe.
in my unwritten story
you are no prophet
and I am no doomsday
being delayed
by the grace
of your prayers.


to my current lover
who has given me insight
into what I can’t quite see
thank you for the reminders
that I am not as weak
as whispers of the night
want me to believe
and for patiently
rephrasing and repeating that to me
because you are determined
to find the elusive version
that will settle this wretched mind of mine
once and for all.


to you
last but not least
you who could be looking at
blue skies
or your own sad eyes
thank you for seeing me
all vanity and vulnerabilities
even if it’s just for a passing moment
because at least
right now,
we both exist.

In response to the daily prompt & being featured on discover, I felt it was only right to post something today. Thank you everyone!

57 thoughts on “fo(u)r eyes in my life

    1. Aw thank you so much, that’s a tall order (if you scroll down you’ll realise I’m terrible at posting consistently) but it’s been something I’ve been trying to work on so this will give me even more motivation to do that 🙂


    1. thank you hahah, that’s something I’m actually trying to improve! it’s really hard to balance between too much rhyme = cheesy & not enough flow = just a diary entry with random spaces haha

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  1. I’m running out of ways to describe how much I love your style of poetry!
    I think it’s the little things you pepper into your writing “to my mother…to my current lover” that make the difference; it all just hangs together so well. Beautiful!


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