Internal Monologue of the Innkeeper


every night,
I deliver my elixirs
of counterfiet happiness
to weary travellers
looking for
something more
to live for
but cannot find
anything beyond
the belly of the beast.

their journeys
have sapped their sensibilities,
turning them
into passive accomplices
of the monster of death
so today,
(or rather, every day)
they light up their necromancy sticks
and summon the reaper.

he greets me
in the form of wispy white tendrils
that soon wrap around my mind,
clouding any thought of escape.
taunting me with a deep kiss,
he leaves me breathless,
eyes stinging and throat burning
from the aftertaste of resignation.

he wants me
to always keep him
at the back of my mind
and who am I to complain
when I am nothing more than
an insignificant side character
at a pitstop
in these strangers’ adventures?

so I offer him a wager,
gambling on my future,
by hedging my bets on today.
in other words,
it’s just another typical night
at the inn.

This is a bit different from my normal style but it is inspired by how I’ve gotten a part time job in a place that is hazy from second hand smoke 24/7.

The first shift I worked there, I had to keep drinking icy water because the back of my throat has never burned that much and that was only a Monday afternoon, not a Friday night.

Disclaimer: I have no intentions of demonising or shaming smokers for the choices they make. I’m just telling a story about a place and a time where their choices have unwillingly become mine.

11 thoughts on “Internal Monologue of the Innkeeper

  1. Maggie, I agree, no one should have to compromise their beliefs and values but it is a sad reality that many find themselves in. My wish for you is that this is only a temporary situation and you will soon find yourself in a more deserving environment.

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  2. What a sexy read. The beauty of poetry is…. Well, one of the beauties, is that the interpretation belongs to the reader.
    You’ve personified smoke so well he sounds seductively menacing. I think, next time, I won’t read your description of the poems meaning and will create my own. Well done.

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    1. Thanks for reading 🙂

      I wish there was a ‘spoiler tag’ option available on WordPress.

      I love it when people take away different things from the same words but at the same time I love sharing where I’m coming from too haha.

      I guess putting it at the end will have to suffice for now!

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