the all or nothing type

to the boy I met when I was 17

will you still love me
when this facade of youth
fades as we age
and the wrinkles of time
kiss these round cheeks of mine
like you have done
a million times over?
what about when
moonlight tumbles
into my midnight hair
and the memories we shared
slowly disappear
will you stay right here
and hold me close
as we watch
our last sunset?

because I know
even when my creaking bones
moan and groan
they will still ache
for your fingers
to linger in places
I shouldn’t talk about.
and I will never leave
not because one day
my legs will be too frail
to carry me to a land far away
but because we were once kids
who took a gamble
on what was under the veneer
of our teenage insecurity and isolation
and you should know by now:
I’m the all or nothing type.

p.s. If this poem makes you feel anything at all, then I guarantee listening to this song will exacerbate it.

Thank you to TheOriginalPheonix for seeing the connection & pointing that out to me!

18 thoughts on “the all or nothing type

  1. Thai reminded me of the song from Great Gatsby movie with Alana Del Rey which you probably know about. Beautifully written!


    1. Actually, I’m listening to it now and I’ve definitely heard it before but never noticed the lyrics, wow thank you for sharing, you’re so right, I’m exactly in this mood, will be listening to this on repeat for the rest of the night!


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