girl by the sea


do you remember
the time you cried
as the midnight waves
washed away
her sea foam love
as I tried to drag
your listless body
back to shore?

do you remember
the time vodka and mistakes
ran through my veins
and I clung desperately onto
something, anything
to anchor myself
in this maelstrom of life
and you became
my false sense of security?

because I remember
when you told me
that you were starting to like
the girl who lives by the sea
shy, kind and sweet
salt-stained hair
and sunset cheeks
I guess I stopped listening
when you confessed
that you still yearned
for the mermaid
who didn’t stay,
and that’s when you became
my next mistake.

I should have known
that by shy,
you meant easy to pacify
with your sweet-nothings
and our lips touching
before I could tell you
that me blushing doesn’t mean
these murky waters are where
I want to be.

and then by kind,
you meant butterflies
clouding my mind
as you led me
to the edge of us
and watched me fall hard
into crashing tides
before I realised
I couldn’t trust you
to catch me.

lastly by sweet,
you meant goddamn naive
because we both knew
your afflictions are enough
to drown me.
who knew disappointment
felt so empty
but also strangely
like my head’s out of water
and I’m finally able
to breathe?

16 thoughts on “girl by the sea

  1. You have a lovely post here filled with false hope and security ending with a sense of a burden being lifted. Your imagery and repetition work well, and the photo draws readers in. Keep up the good work!
    Happy writing!
    -Author S


      1. That’s all anyone can ask for! The only person you have to compete with was the one you were yesterday. Writing is never finished or perfect, so don’t worry!
        Happy reading and writing!
        -Author S


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