echo chamber: earth-sized & shell-shaped

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Image courtesy of: transmissiondream

do you remember
when we were younger
and they told us
we could hear the ocean
if we held a sea shell to our ears
as if those lifeless husks
contained some echo of home?

as a naive & introverted child,
my brown spotted conch shell
became one of my most prized possessions
and I spent hours upon hours
at my auditory beach
close my eyes
so the waves
could drown out reality.

well it turns out
they lied to us
like they did about everything else
(faeries, santa, growing up)
and the sea-like sounds we heard
was just our surrounding environment
resonating within the cavity of the shell
I guess you cannot escape reality
only distort it temporarily
google tells me
it’s a cheap trick
replicable with an empty plastic cup
(by holding it up to your ear
or finishing the liquor inside)

I guess it is just one more reason
the world isn’t as magical
as we once believed
but maybe that’s because
I didn’t point the telescope upwards
did you know
there are eight planets
in our solar system
and tens of billions of solar systems
in our galaxy
which is just one out of 2 trillion
in the known universe
so there may well be
a planet out there
where mini oceans and volcanos
are stored away in colour corresponding shells.

at the very least
the thought that
there is (possibly, surely) some other form of life
in this vast universe
existing independently, differently, beautifully
is enough to disturb the seams of my reality
and lets me tune out the earth-sized,
shell-shaped echo chamber
of my own voice so I can try to hear
the waves of distant seas
crash on the shore
somewhere beyond the stars.

7 thoughts on “echo chamber: earth-sized & shell-shaped

  1. People think the magic of childhood comes from lies; santa, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, etc. But the magic of childhood comes from love and truth; teaching children to dream, so that they can write about the universes beyond our scope, or one day stretch out their hands and touch them.


  2. This is utterly majestic, what I like about your poetry is your ability to consistently craft an engaging story, which is obviously reflective of the insane power of your imagination. From start to finish, I was captivated, and for me not many authors do that well enough on a regular basis. AND it hits the right tone as well? Like cynical but still hopeful and tentatively optimistic. This part was beautifully penned btw: “so there may well be/ a planet out there/ where mini oceans and volcanos/ are stored away in colour corresponding shells.” LOL I’m so jealous of your gift

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dude. dude!!!! I honestly feel unworthy of your high praise but thank you??? I think it’s super cute how we have this mutual admiration about each other’s work and honestly pls write more I GET SO EXCITED WHEN I SEE YOU POST and I appreciate this comment so much <333 and ugh my reply is all over the place but hopefully you get the gist of what I’m saying!!!!


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