long distance – 4614

Image courtesy of: Arsenixc

we are missing
and I no longer remember
where I misplaced us
perhaps our hearts
sunk to the bottom of the
Tasman sea when I moved
away from home?

I thought if I packed my bags
full of photos and love notes
I could make a scrapbook of
our story but I guess
scraps are just the meaningless
edges of what I clung onto
too tightly and torn too carelessly
and these tears cannot be mended
just wiped away.

but it’s okay
just because we didn’t defy
expectations doesn’t mean
we are not winners
look at the road behind us
and remember the sights we’ve seen
pull over
before all our memories
are sullied by the gravel road
we have stubbornly dragged them along
for far too long
I do not remember when
we turned the music off
and began driving around aimlessly
talking about our future(s)
as if we were fiction writers
but goddamn we believed
in these stories
for a second, didn’t we
before we sobered up
to how we have unconsciously
began to seperate our fate(s).

I know neither of us have a
destination in mind
nor a map in hand
but what better time
than the night
to breathe in fresh air
and learn how to walk

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