friday night – work

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

11pm – 7am
(graveyard shift)

my friends dance
under strobe lights
as I get drunk on alcosan
sanitising my heart
of the desire to be
anywhere but here

they cannot wait
for cute boys
chiselled by the shadows
of their flickering pocket screens
to objectify them
as I fight the urge
to down whatever poison
I’m pouring for the next guy
who can’t look up from his phone
for a fraction of a second
to humanise me

I force the corners of my mouth
into a cheap imitation of a smile
I don’t expect him to see
what a typical night
in this industry

and by three
both my friends and I
are close to falling asleep
if it wasn’t for the throbbing
in the bottoms of our feet
but they have probably
taken their heels off
and wrapped their mouths
around strange men
who whisper sickly sweet
bedtime stories
they won’t remember
come morning

whilst my co-workers and I
set our tempered-tongues free
in the backroom
by spinning twisted tales
about people that drip wealth
off their smug-stained lips
as if our rightful place
is to be cleaning up
their puddles of filth
and so we choke down bitterness
as if we deserve to
and touch up our smiles
before we go outside
look, it’s already bright
at least I won’t have
a hangover
this morning


3 thoughts on “friday night – work

  1. This is not the working class, this is the night class. I know exactly how working at a bar feels. everyone wants to talk to you, but 10 seconds later all they want to do it look at their phone or get distracted by some random guy they hooked up with before.


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