I will never be
the girl who keeps
a sharp tongue
locked behind smirking red lips,
her canines ready to pierce
the throbbing hearts
of sweat drenched men.

swirl their blood
around her mouth
like cheap shiraz,
a goddess
would never swallow
a poor man’s lies.

she tastes
these complicated
and interlaced notes
of desire and desperation
like a true sommelier
of sleazy drunkards and
self purported ‘gentlemen’
different varieties
off the same vines (veins)
never quite good enough
to pair with her tannin-coated heart

I am the girl next door
who drinks too much
from cheap goon bags
on friday night
with boys who hurt
and search for second best
and I cannot spit out
the word no
like I know I should
like I know she would.

and who knows
maybe one day
I will chug down too much
diluted, leftover love
and fall sick with violent regret
filling every cell
and there will be nobody
to hold my hair back

but until then,
I will overindulge
in unhealthy beverages
and relationships
without pretending like I know anything
about anything
except that for now
I want to have
a damn good time.

15 thoughts on “sommelier

  1. This is excellent writing on so many levels. Powerful imagery that makes stark emotional realities resonate with every reader. We’ve all been there, or we’ve seen ourselves headed that way.


  2. I really respect how well this poem is written! I am new to blogging and just came across this post…I am not a good poet, so to read excellent poetry is really fun for me. I LOVE the way you compare relationships to beverages throughout. Beautifully done!


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