What of


what of hope
but empty promises
if you do not
dream of dandelion fields
and look for four-leaf clovers
in pavement cracks
(even though you’ve never seen one)

what of ambition
but unbridled fantasies
if you do not
bellow your wild ideas
to the skies?
(the ones that make
the earth tremble
and the seas part way)

what of love
but heartbreaks and mistakes
if you do not
try to swallow it
but find its fluttery wings
tickling the pit of your stomach
leaving feathers on your tongue
when you least expect it to?
(the 2am I miss yous
and 2.05am tinder convos
tastes strangely like vodka)

what of existence
but day after day
everything the same
if you do not
create a home
out of memories
and set happiness
as the welcome mat?
(or at least you should try,
at least I am always trying)

and what of this
but the same words
written in a new order
on a different page
if you do not feel
a twinge in your chest?
(before you click away
and distract yourself
with the new joke of the day)


11 thoughts on “What of

    1. Aw thank you, no I didn’t!

      I really wish I could accompany my own poetry with more of my own artwork & photography :c (one of my goals)

      It’s a Creative Commons 0 image 🙂


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