stars, space & an empty place

image courtesy of: borda

she remembers that night,
no stars dusted the evening sky
but their residual light
flickered in his wandering eyes
and how she desperately wanted to hold –
his gaze, hand or mind
for them to share a hazy moment
in suspended time

too bad
he was on the other side
of an unfamiliar room
filled with mutual strangers
maybe with enough imagination
they could have been
the newest constellation

already tenuously connected by
some star-struck fate,
but too scared or sober
to name this new feeling or shape
much less ask if he
maybe thought the same

it’s funny how
she has learnt all about
the grand, infinite universe
but her saturday night silence
still felt like the most empty
and hopeless space
that she has ever known


8 thoughts on “stars, space & an empty place

  1. This poem really speaks to me. I especially like the ending. Even with all that knowledge, she has attained, there is still a void. Guess knowing something means nothing unless it’s put to proper use and even then there is still the monotony of daily life. Nice poem, you have enjoyable work.


  2. Oh, so charming and bittersweet. To compare these feelings to constellations puts them in an entirely new dimension. This was beautiful. I am so glad to have stumbled on your blog πŸ™‚


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