Once I was a little girl,
scared of monsters under her bed,
but as I grew up and up
the worst ones moved into my head.

They tell me I am worthless,
They tell me I am wrong.
They tell me no one likes me,
They tell me all day long.

I see them in the mirror,
I see them in your eyes.
I see them in our silences,
I see them in my white lies.

Some days I can tune them out,
Some days I let them have it.
Some days I pray they will be locked away,
Some days I say ‘I love you’ out of habit.

Now, banishing them is no easy task,
especially since the last witch has been stoned.
The ghost busters’ line has been busy for years,
only pen and paper helps us feel less alone.


6 thoughts on “Monsters

  1. That was really thoughtful. And quite relatable as well. As you grow up, you start to realise that the monsters under our bed then were far more nicer than the ones who were waiting for us.

    Thanks for a wonderful poem! Loved it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. aw this comment genuinely warmed my heart, thank you so much! yeah…I definitely disappeared for a while but I should be posting more regularly from now on 🙂


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