self portrait on a plate



my tassle-splayed fringe

falls carelessly like squiggles
of chocolate syrup across

a rounded face, revealing

slivers of buttered forehead.


thin top lip traces like a

carefully calligraphed ‘M’ over
a squelchy ‘U’ shaped dollop of
sticky strawberry sauce.


dark brown eyes match
closer to blackberry
nutella as sunspots
raspberry-tinted cheeks

like brown sugar sprinkled
on an unapologetically

scrumptious Sunday morning



15 thoughts on “self portrait on a plate

  1. That was a fun poem, Maggy. I particularly liked “unapologetically scrumptious,” and I enjoyed the imagery of pancakes forming a portrait of you.


    1. Funny you should ask that, it was a submission for a university subject so I do have a ‘standard answer’ at hand.

      Basically I thought painting a self portrait of myself through the medium of a pancake would be a really fun and tongue in cheek way to describe myself considering that I’ve personally been thrown the stereotype of Asians having ‘flatter’ more ‘pancake-y’ face structures due to having lower nose bridges.

      Rather than being offended by the slight racism exhibited in that comparison, I wanted to empower myself by embracing & owning the phrase. The intention of the poem was thus to create a vivid picture of the texture and shape of my features using the components of a perfect pancake that you’d have for brunch on a lazy Sunday morning.

      My tutor also interpreted an underlying theme of being consumable as a woman, particularly a woman of colour in a white majority society which was not intended but I’m happy for her to have saw. 🙂


    1. Hahah, maybe you need to be looking through the lens of a different cuisine!

      Side note, the puns in this comment put me to shame, why didn’t I think of them?!


  2. You had me by squiggles 😍
    Saying less but meaning more, poetry is so profound.
    Your gift of is beauitful to read–thank you maggy.


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