Photography: mxqqy (self)


dandelion seeds,
crack in the sidewalk they meet,


beach towels on car seats,
washing sand off salt-licked feet,
oh, his sun-kissed cheeks.


the wind takes the leaf,
away from her favourite tree,
his roots run too deep.


earthworms are asleep,
warm hearts shiver separately,
sad eyes and cold screens.

2 thoughts on “Love(d)

  1. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been drawn to dandelion seeds lately. I keep taking pictures of them, so it’s only natural that I was also drawn to your poem. Such a sad line “warm hearts shiver separately.” Well done.

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  2. Thanks Mandie, dandelion seeds are pretty special, I’ve gone through several periods of obsession myself and have to stop myself from returning to them too often c:


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