20 January

Image courtesy of: Hideyoshi

I could hear in his voice
the conviction of youth
and I wonder if mine
was wasted on a fool
who has chewed down flesh
and bone to leave a terrined-heart
dished out, cold.

Do boys like to wear suits and
swirl wine, slice through
boundaries like butter
because they think that anything
in the world can be bought by paper,
and if not, they’ll burn
it down instead?

They wear metal on wrist
and hold metal in hand,
thinking they were born
as natural protagonists, except
sometimes forests are not yours
to cut down or even explore,
who gave you permission
to scale these walls?
she was never yours to save.

Now, I’m not saying women
are any better at sorting through
this tangled ball of fate and quick
mistakes, but I have always envied
the rain for how it melts into waterfalls
and I could always trust the ocean
to cleanse any small cut or graze.

she feels safe,
maybe soon the hesitation
will fade.

Hey guys,

It’s been a while. This is a pretty rough something or other based off of some feelings I’m processing currently. I don’t know if it means anything to you without context, but I’m glad I have a platform to share it regardless.

I hope everyone’s new year is going well so far, and if you’ve set any goals/resolutions that you’re sticking to them!

For me, I am intending to write more this year, even if it’s bad, like, really bad. I also want to post more frequently, experiment more with different styles, read more poetry in my spare time and submit my work to literary magazines. I’ll keep you guys updated on how that goes 🙂

As to what I’ve been doing on my long hiatus, I went on a pretty big trip to China, Japan & Korea with one of my best friends and have been doing an internship at a locally based news organisation since I’ve been back in the country.

I’ll talk about those experiences more at a later date, but for now, ciao, and I promise you’ll see me again soon.


9 thoughts on “20 January

  1. Hi Maggy – warm wishes for a rewarding, surprising new year. I always feel that being near water (rain, waterfalls) has such a soothing effect and sometimes I just need to be by the ocean. Love your poem and am looking forward to reading about your recent travels. Smiles – Margaret

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Margret,

      Thank you for such a kind comment, it’s so lovely whenever you stop over here, I truly appreciate it.

      You definitely just brightened my day 🙂


  2. Glad you shared this poem with us, and exciting news on your upcoming plans. Looking forward to hearing how it all goes, and about your travels.


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