yesterday I made a zine

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(n.) a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty.

Cover: Turmoil – of & by maggy

Page 1: “When the sun comes out – but the clouds / stick to stray lashes / and all she sees is rain.”

Page 2: “There’s a wrenching pull / back of my head, / slur and babble / asks if anyone noticed / no. yes, / if not, why not.”

Page 3: “No occupation: all men idle, all, / And women too, but innocent and pure.”

So this was a 3am project & more about remixing other people’s art than creating my own but it was really rewarding all the same.

After all, it is so important to take some time to recharge by finding inspiration in the beautiful things that already exist.

In other news, I’m in the middle of a move at the moment and it has just been so stressful to balance with university assignments & events.

I did the big move this morning, Sunday 8am, and one of my bags as well as my stepladder was stolen after they were left in the laneway unattended for a few minutes.

In hindsight, we probably shouldn’t have done that, but I’ve always seen my area as a very safe one. There was no one around and the movers we hired were doing the exact same thing to try get through the move as fast as possible.

More than the financial loss and inconvenience I’ve already accepted, it is just so frustrating that I will be left wondering forever what else was in that bag that I don’t recall.

What a selfish thing to do to someone. I think I will focus on how glad I am that nothing else was taken and it was out on the street. I can’t imagine feeling safe ever again if it was a burglary in my home.

Stay safe everyone and I’ll have a poem for you soon, likely about a new crush haha.




5 thoughts on “yesterday I made a zine

  1. Your zine creation is great. At times when I feel unsafe or afraid, I use my “imaginary bubble” that a friend introduced me to whereby I mentally place myself, my home, my car, all the passengers on the plane with me etc in my bubble and know that all is safe and protected. As a young child, I loved blowing bubbles and as a young child, I did not know fear or ever felt unsafe.
    May your new home be cosy and safe and may many poems be created in it.

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    1. thank you for sharing your story and tip margaret ❤ it’s genuinely comforting and I will be giving it a go myself if I ever feel like I need it.

      Yes, my new home is lovely and I am sure there will be new creations birthed here! 😀


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