My Heart is not Berlin

Last night
I saw someone post an inside joke
on your Facebook wall
and I was reminded that
I now live on the other side
of the divide between
acquaintance and best friend
knock knock
no response
I guess you no longer care
that I’m here.

I remember our younger days
the bitter nights
where words thrown in anger
could shatter our souls
slowly building barricades from

– – – – – – – pieces of our broken hope – – – – – – – 

I thought I was bulletproof yet
“you’re a good person but not a good friend”
ricocheted in my brain
up until the moment
our eyes met again
and then all I could hear was

then suddenly one day
apologies were made
reparations were paid
but the pain could never fade away
because your apathy to our history
means you don’t notice that
my heart is not Berlin
and perhaps that’s why
the scars of our divide
will always remain

Originally published in Michael King Writers Centre’s literary magazine, Signals 2015.