Entertainer Blogger Award (& thank you for 1k)

Hi everyone,

Sorry it has been so long, but I am back! In all honesty, I have been completely caught up in a whirlwind of university exams for the past month which has left me a hollow shell of a person, sans creative energy.

However, I am well into my summer holidays now and I am slowly getting back on my feet & will definitely be posting more regularly.

not physically on my feet but filled w/ creative energy (borrowed from banksy) yes

Something exciting that has happened in my absence is that I managed to hit 1k followers which is absolutely incredible, thank you. This is the first numbers based milestone that I am celebrating and I am sending so much love to every single one of you who decided that my voice is something you want to listen to in this crazy world filled with too much noise.

To celebrate, I thought I would do something different and finally pass along the Entertainer Blogger Award which Alyssa nominated me for quite some time ago, sorry it has taken me so long to respond! 

Firstly, a little bit about Alyssa. For anyone who doesn’t follow her, I will say hand over heart that she is one of my favourite bloggers ever and you’re missing out. She has consistently entertained me with the letters she writes to her daughter, Lily June, in these universally applicable life lessons filled with tidbits of wisdom told with generous helpings of humour, self awareness and tied together with absolutely beautiful descriptions. Go check out her blog, I’ll wait here. 

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