A Pair of Poems Without Pictures

i wonder if the charm of mismatched socks transfer to poetry?


i am a fish
circling his hook
with baited breath
and not enough regrets

AU – 79

i choose to be a walking cliche
because actions speak louder than words
and there is nothing wrong
with having a heart of gold
if you have the strength to stand up tall
despite, or perhaps, because of it.

#1 Staccato

definition: with each sound or note sharply detached or separated from the others


no map

no direction 

but surely that means 

anywhere I place my next step

I will be on the right path.


hope is in the crowds

in the eyes of those who have the potential

to be wise, to be honest, to be kind

but also the capacity

to hate, to torture, to rape 

I am reflected in their pupils

staring back, I realise

my fate

is mine to create.

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