Existence (a poem for a tattoo)

Hi friends,

I got my first tattoo in January 2018 and it was designed by the amazing & talented Zeze who is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

It is based off a Chinese fable called 猴子捞月 (the monkeys saving the moon) – if anyone is interested in what the story is about, I’m happy to provide a translated version.

I’ve been trying to write a poem inspired by the fable, but it just wasn’t working, I think it was a tad too restrictive. Instead,  I wrote a little something very loosely inspired by Zeze’s artwork alone.

I think that’s one of the best things about art, how it can be re-discovered, re-imagined and re-mixed to produce unexpected results and then interpreted every which way too.

Either way, a life update & a poem, I hope you like it.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 3.10.35 pm.png
Image courtesy of: Zeze

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XO – Spoken Word Poetry

[note: video is of an older version of the poem, slight difference with the text below]

I was a collector
not of coins or comic books
but crushes I could count
as I fall asleep
if only to escape the reality
of spending the rest of eternity with
someone like

I dreamt of
arms wrapped around my fragile bones
lips kissing the bruises
that hid the true colours of my heart
as it bled for
to care enough
if not to love but to hate
push me away
so I can fall apart

I was a criminal
serial in nature
stealing last names
from boys with expressive eyes
plotting murders of pretty girls
I saw as threats
and they were all threats
locked up in a prison cell
guarded by self doubt and desperation
I had written a million love letters
changing who I am for each delivery
just to fit into the envelopes
I thought they’d want to receive
presenting myself as the perfect package
I never attached the fragile sticker
it’s no wonder I always ended up as broken pieces

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