Family Tree[家谱树]


mother says blood is thicker than water
and I wonder if rose-tinted viscosity
obscures reality and feeds
deep-rooted problems
into gnarly family trees

twisted canopies seek sunshine
in carefully constructed forests
filled with fake dew-drop perfection
and find no nourishment
in tired soils, overturned

we can’t just bury
the wretched hatchet
we must use it
toil until the sun rises
and the earth heals
let the rain wash us away
then we will finally be

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#3 Ode

definition: a lyric poem, typically one in the form of an address to a particular subject, written in varied or irregular metre (a classical poem of a kind originally meant to be sung)


Mayflies spend a year awaiting their birth, and then most die after living just one day. Their sole purpose is to pass on their genes.

we all are born
bright eyed like mayflies
on a linear path
to our own demise
no purpose but to 


but that doesn’t mean we won’t
try find meaning to a short lived life
no time to cry
fly towards the light
quickly, before –
good night.


if my hope for humanity
had to be stored somewhere
I would place it
in a seed
planted into the palms of lovers
entwined love
grows a giant oak tree
eve’s apple
bleeds humanity
I see some leaves are caressed by the sun
while others



littering roadsides,
trampled over,
so carelessly
even though the shared roots suggest
we are all children from the same family tree

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